Our Expertise


Our Staff includes Subject Matter Experts (SME) on a wide range of requirements to our customers in the Intelligence Community (IC).  FTS combines Technical and Operational solutions for the Government.  We maintain a broad range of contacts and a large network across the IC, DoD, DS and industry.

Counter Terrorism Ops

FTS provides polygraph cleared Counter Terrorism SMEs to several agencies in the Intelligence Community supporting their most sensitive and critical requirements. Our customers consider FTS professional staff essential “trusted partners” where we serve as HUMINT Case Officers, Reports Officers, Intelligence Analysts, Technical Operations Specialists, Linguists and Financial Experts. We offer Counterterrorism positions at customer sites in the fields of: International Terrorism Operations, Terrorism Financing Operations, Communication Exploitation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Counterterrorism Analysis, Terrorism Reports and Requirements, Counterterrorism Response, and Foreign Terrorist Task Force.


Our technical experts have practical knowledge in order to design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes for all of our customers.
Many of our SETAs provide analysis and engineering services in a consulting capacity, working closely with the government's own engineering staff members. ​We offer engineering positions at customer sites in the fields of: SIGINT, GEOINT, RF Engineers, Systems Engineering, and Payload. We are always looking for engineers. Come join us! 

Signals Analysis
Information Technology

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