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FTS offers the Aetna/Meritain Point of Service Plan II for medical coverage. This is a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) with a Health Savings Account (HSA) option. You can make contributions to your HSA on a monthly-recurring basis or as a one-time transaction. Contributions can be made from your IBA or paycheck.

Per the IRS, if you are contributing to an HSA in 2024, you are required to satisfy a minimum statutory deductible before requesting tax-free medical reimbursements from your IBA. All employees, regardless of enrollment in the FTS Medical Plan or a Health Savings Account, are required to complete the Health Savings Account Contribution Form. If you do not plan to contribute to an HSA in 2024, simply check the box stating, "I will not contribute to an HSA in 2024 and this does not apply to me." and sign and date both signature fields. Please return completed forms to 

2024 Contribution Limits

Single Coverage - $4,150

Family Coverage (2 or more people on your policy) - $8,300

If you are age 55 or older at any time during the year, you can add $1,000 to the numbers above.


What are the amounts of the minimum statutory deductible?

Single Coverage - $1,600

Family Coverage (2 or more people on your policy) - $3,200


How do I satisfy the deductible?

You can pay for qualified medical expenses tax-free using your HSA, or you can pay for qualified medical expenses out of pocket. Once you satisfy the statutory deductible, you may request tax free medical expense reimbursements from your IBA.


Do I need to give FTS proof that I satisfied the minimum statutory deductible?

No, but you will need to sign the certification above stating that you satisfied the statutory deductible.


Am I required to use First American Bank? 
No, FTS has a relationship with First American Bank, but you may open an HSA through any bank that allows you to do so. 


Do I have to be enrolled in the FTS Medical Plan to make contributions to an HSA? 

No, if you are enrolled in another HSA eligible medical plan, you may make IBA or payroll contributions to your HSA. 

Contact First American Bank: 

(866) 449-1150

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