Our Expertise


Our staff includes subject matter experts (SME) on a wide range of customer requirements in the Intelligence Community (IC) including technical and operational solutions for the government.  


Counterterrorism Ops

FTS provides counterterrorism (CT) SMEs to several agencies in the IC supporting their most sensitive and critical programs. FTS staff serve as Case Officers, Reports Officers, Intelligence Analysts, Technical Operations Specialists, Linguists, and Financial Experts. We offer CT positions in the fields of International Terrorism Operations, Terrorism Financing Operations, Communication Exploitation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, CT Analysis, Terrorism Reports and Requirements, CT Response, and Foreign Terrorist Task Forces.


Our technical experts design, build, and maintain structures, machines, devices, systems, materials, and processes for our customers. Many of our Systems Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA) experts provide analysis and engineering services in a consulting capacity, working closely with the government's own engineering staff members. â€‹We offer engineering positions at customer sites in the fields of SIGINT, GEOINT, RF Engineering, Systems Engineering, Satellite Operations, Orbit Analysis, Modeling & Simulation, CONOPS, Ground Systems Engineering, Acquisitions, and Payload. 

Operational Support

Our operational support professionals are detail-oriented, proactive, and mission-focused. They provide operational support in the fields of IT, Cybersecurity, Logistics/Facilities, Administration, and Construction/Design. We also have staff Linguists who translate critical foreign languages at the business professional and native levels.

Intelligence Analysis & Production

FTS is dedicated to solving some of the hardest intelligence problems in the IC. We provide our customers with SMEs who are highly experienced in global electronic communications and foreign instrumentation signals. Our areas of expertise include Signals Intelligence & Analysis, All-Source Intelligence & Analysis, Counterintelligence, and Network Analysis.

Management Consulting

FTS members work closely with our customers to plan, organize, staff, and accomplish specific contract objectives. Our customers recognize us as trusted partners and dependable, unbiased stewards of their personnel, financial, technological, and security resources. FTS staff hold PhD and MBA degrees in Management, as well as PMP, CPA, and other business-related certifications.

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